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Chameleon weather
Keep track of the weather on the background of your screen.


Best | Views: 701 | Downloads: 311 | Added by: androidappws | Date: 24.01.2016

Realistic live wallpaper of dolphins and whales.
This is a unique application that will allow you to enjoy the dolphins and whales floating in the blue ocean.
You have great pleasure to be able to watch these unique creatures.
Dive into the depths of the ocean.

Best | Views: 858 | Downloads: 321 | Added by: androidappws | Date: 24.01.2016 | Comments (0)

Enjoy 3D koi pond.
In settings you can change:
- on/off camera rotating
- add/remove algae
- change water transparency
If you touch the screen fish float in the direction of touch.

Best | Views: 644 | Downloads: 295 | Added by: androidappws | Date: 24.01.2016

Steampank skull, live wallpaper. Install fun skull, and surprise friends. Skull reacts when touched. If you rub his nose, it will release steam.

Best | Views: 3100 | Downloads: 997 | Added by: yuriy-ts | Date: 25.07.2014 | Comments (0)

Tube clock live wallpaper. Set as wallpaper original steampunk clock. Application supports portrait and landscape modes. Do not drain the battery.

Best | Views: 2323 | Downloads: 588 | Added by: yuriy-ts | Date: 30.05.2014 | Comments (0)

Sea - battery Sea, live wallpapers that reflect the charge level of your device. The lower the charge, the lower the level of the sea.

Best | Views: 3329 | Downloads: 896 | Added by: yuriy-ts | Date: 29.05.2014 | Comments (0)

Clock and weather, live wallpaper
On screen displays:
- Analog neon clock
- Digital Clock
- Weather today
- weather for tomorrow.

Best | Views: 2752 | Downloads: 978 | Added by: androidappws | Date: 20.05.2014 | Comments (0)

Live wallpaper that shows real weather, pressure, temperature humidity and wind speed. If the settings turn on option "Show real weather", the application will attempt to detect your location,

when the coordinates are defined on the screen will appear  weather information and weather changes around wind turbines. By default, option "Show real weather" turned off and you can change the weather by double-clicking on the screen. In determining the coordinates, current status will be displayed in the notification bar.

Best | Views: 3970 | Downloads: 1194 | Added by: androidappws | Date: 24.04.2014 | Comments (0)

Lakes in the mountains, live wallpaper.
Set wallpaper and enjoy realistic mountains view.
In settings can choose one of three views.
Application support lanscape and portrait modes.
Animated items in the wallpaper:
- Realistic water in the lake
- clouds
- The glare of the sun
Best | Views: 4490 | Downloads: 1506 | Added by: androidappws | Date: 22.03.2014 | Comments (0)

Control Panel - for complete control of your device.
After starting in the settings select the information, sensors and buttons to be displayed on the panel.
In the control panel, you can add information from any sensor which is in the device.
Ability to set the control panel as a wallpaper.
In the settings you can set the scale of the panel to reduce to 0.2 or increase to 3.

Best | Views: 1577 | Downloads: 537 | Added by: androidappws | Date: 15.03.2014 | Comments (0)

Tropical fish aquarium, live wallpaper.
Enjoy realistic aquarium.
Set mode type backgrounds: sea and ocean or aquarium.
Switch between the backgrounds by double tap on the Screen.
In the settings you can change:
- Select one of five marine backgrounds or one of five aquariums.
- The number of fish
- The effect of ripple water

Best | Views: 6629 | Downloads: 2308 | Added by: androidappws | Date: 11.02.2014 | Comments (0)

Rainbow abstraction, live wallpaper.
Enjoy the play of colors and effects.
In the settings, select a background and effects that you like.
To change the settings, double tap on the screen.
   - 13 backgrounds
   - Transfusion of colors effect
   - The effect of waves
   - Blurring effect
Best | Views: 4878 | Downloads: 1626 | Added by: androidappws | Date: 29.01.2014 | Comments (1)

Live wallpaper setting that you can write notes or draw on the sky.You can choose  the daytime sky and paint clouds, or night and paint the stars.
Tap on the moon or the sun that clear sky.
Best | Views: 4339 | Downloads: 1372 | Added by: androidappws | Date: 13.01.2014 | Comments (0)

Live skull, funny wallpapers for your phone.
Fuming and burning cigarette in his mouth skull.
Rub it on the forehead and the smoke goes from the nose.
Rub his jaw, will be observed aggression.
Also skull eyes watching your actions.
This is a very fun set and surprise your friends!

Best | Views: 5713 | Downloads: 1932 | Added by: androidappws | Date: 13.01.2014 | Comments (0)

The clock on the seabed, live wallpaper.
See the time on ancient clock, which lies on the seabed.
In the options you can choose a watch that is more like it.
When you touch the screen you see a ripple effect. Enjoy!
Best | Views: 3452 | Downloads: 1105 | Added by: androidappws | Date: 23.12.2013 | Comments (0)

Water in pool, live wallpaper.
Enjoy sunbeams, shine and water reflections at the bottom of the pool.
In the settings you can select the pool bottom: stones, sand, tile, glass or you can add analog clock.

Best | Views: 7167 | Downloads: 2107 | Added by: androidappws | Date: 17.12.2013 | Comments (0)

Koi fish pond, live wallpaper.
New fully realistic pond: fish swim, swaying kelp, sun glare on the bottom of the pond.
You can change these options:
- algae
- The land around the pond
- Solar flare at the bottom
- Add an analog clock on the bottom of the pond
Best | Views: 5246 | Downloads: 1481 | Added by: androidappws | Date: 09.12.2013 | Comments (0)

Tropical aquarium, live wallpaper.
- waving algaes
- sun rays
- four different fishes, seahorse
- water ripple effect

Best | Views: 7012 | Downloads: 2607 | Added by: androidappws | Date: 06.12.2013 | Comments (0)

Ocean floor, live wallpaper. Swim above the seabed. Seashells, algae, crabs crawling along the bottom. Enjoy!

Best | Views: 2499 | Downloads: 772 | Added by: androidappws | Date: 06.12.2013 | Comments (0)

Koi pond, live wallpaper.
Amazing pond with floating fishes. Enjoy.
- swaying algae
- water ripple effect
- additional on screen information
Best | Views: 4462 | Downloads: 1681 | Added by: androidappws | Date: 06.12.2013 | Comments (0)

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