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Triskel sign - a sign of the triple rotary power - the life-giving principle, which gives a constant movement original and eternal energy in three worlds: the world of peoples, the world of the gods and the world of shadows. This is a powerful energy amulet that gives makeup all
Huitzilpochtli (hummingbird). In Aztec mythology, the supreme deity. God blue clear sky, the young sun, war and hunting. Amulet encourages people around the owner not to contradict and to obey his will. Amulet of young men, warriors. Stores during the assault and travel. Talisman supports positive change in the life.
Ganesh - God of wisdom. Symbol of wisdom, prudence and invulnerability. Its function - the distribution of gifts among the people and their protection. For many centuries, Ganesh is revered in India as the patron of trade and students. Ganesh Amulet way - it is a serious signal of your quest to learn new things, to earn a lot and never forget useful traditions. Amulet helps to overcome the difficulties and obstacles in carrying out important support work, or at the beginning of a new period of life.
Mitra - ancient Iranian sun god. The name itself dates back to the Indo-European root pertaining to the designation of the idea of ​​mediation, patterns, friendship, sympathy. Mitra characterizes the stability and harmony between people, protects from misfortune, puts people in their own right (ie, selected in accordance with the law) place. Mitra amulet provides a person looseness, sympathy and respect from the people around them. Mithra was considered invincible fighter for justice. It keeps people, accompanying them to the light. 
Amulet Slavic Perun. Supreme God of Thunder in Slavic mythology. In Perun East Slavs embody the highest fairness and justice, it is the ordinary patron of warriors and princes. Amulet gives victory, courage and success, purifies the earth from evil, restores fertility, brings prosperity and wealth to the house.
Seal of Solomon - one of the greatest magic symbols. In Jewish, Christian and Islamic medieval legends called the Seal of Solomon symbol placed on a signet-ring the legendary King Solomon, who gave him power over the jinn and the ability to talk to animals.
Amulet Tree of Life - an ancient symbol of the Druid priests. In a symbolic tree of intertwined branches and roots so that it is impossible to determine where the branch where the roots. In their view, the time - an endless cycle of rebirths. Amulet Tree of Life will help those who want to build strong family relationships, to give birth and raise a decent people to live in peace with their parents and ancestors, who were by the very roots, which are reborn in their offspring, giving them strength and vitality. It is also the mascot for those who want to study the wisdom of the world, especially for those who are trying to penetrate the secrets of magic with the Druid priests.

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