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Lucky coins
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Lucky coins: Korean coin of happiness, Ladybird lucky coin, French angels, Latvian lucky coin
Let the coins work their magic!

Korean coin of happiness (the second half of the Yi dynasty, XVII-XIX centuries. BC. E.). Produces the so-called successful thinking fluids, attracting happiness, health and peace, luck and success.

The legend of the Lucky Angel 
The magnificent "Guardian Angel” design on the obverse was originally created during the French Revolution by Augustine Duprй. In 1871, the design was resurrected by the Third Republic for the French gold 20-franc coin.

Almost from the beginning, gold Angels were regarded as lucky charms. Their legend began during the Reign of Terror in the mid-1790s, when the coin’s designer, Augustus Dupri, claimed to have been saved from the guillotine by the lucky Angel coin in his pocket.

French pilots in World War I rarely took flight without a gold Angel coin in their kit, believing it would protect them from the Red Baron and his aces. During World War II, the chief of Hitler’s Luftwaffe, Hermann Goering, became obsessed with these French Angel coins. Confiscating all he could find, he presented them to ace German fighter pilots as rewards for every fifth Allied plane shot down.

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