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Skydivers - Real weather, live wallpaper.
In order to reflect real weather in wallpaper and show weather info (humidity, temperature, wind speed) -
in option check "Show real weather" option. After that application try to detect your location.
If location  detected and access to the Internet is present, weather info will appear on screen.
If you are in a building, likely, GPS signal will be too weak to detect your location


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Live wallpaper that shows real weather, pressure, temperature humidity and wind speed. If the settings turn on option "Show real weather", the application will attempt to detect your location,

when the coordinates are defined on the screen will appear  weather information and weather changes around wind turbines. By default, option "Show real weather" turned off and you can change the weather by double-clicking on the screen. In determining the coordinates, current status will be displayed in the notification bar.

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Lakes in the mountains, live wallpaper.
Set wallpaper and enjoy realistic mountains view.
In settings can choose one of three views.
Application support lanscape and portrait modes.
Animated items in the wallpaper:
- Realistic water in the lake
- clouds
- The glare of the sun
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Sleeping teddy bear, live wallpaper.
Beautiful wallpaper with teddy bear, who is sleeping sweetly on a monthly cradle. You can watch the stars and glowing clouds that float across the sky. Enjoy wallpaper with teddy bear!

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Teddy Bear on the moon, live wallpaper
Set up as wallpaper and play with interactive Teddy bear.
Teddy bear sitting on the moon and holding a balloon.
When he moves his touch bears head, legs, hands or blinks.

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Live wallpaper setting that you can write notes or draw on the sky.You can choose  the daytime sky and paint clouds, or night and paint the stars.
Tap on the moon or the sun that clear sky.
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Fantasy world live wallpaper. Touch screen for magic effect. In options you can add rain,snow or lightning
Common | Views: 1178 | Downloads: 1410 | Added by: yuriy-ts | Date: 11.11.2013 | Comments (0)

Night sky live wallpaper touch screen to add stars falling meteor and clouds. In options you can add rain,snow or lightning
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Sky lanterns live wallpaper. Starry sky, clouds, and fire inside lanterns. Touch screen to scatter lanterns.
Common | Views: 1468 | Downloads: 451 | Added by: yuriy-ts | Date: 11.11.2013 | Comments (0)

Skies over water live wallpaper. Floating clouds, flying bird, moon and blinking stars. Optionally you can  choose lightning or rain.
Common | Views: 1382 | Downloads: 490 | Added by: yuriy-ts | Date: 11.11.2013 | Comments (0)

Above the sky true weather live wallpaper. Look real weather as your wallpaper if the weather promises snow, rain or thunder - snow, rain or thunder will be on your wallpaper.
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